IOT Malta Ltd is a company which focuses on innovative solutions by using cutting edge technologies which are customized according to the Maltese market. Our company strives for creating a future-oriented life and business environment. We understand the importance of having a unified and unique vision which is aligned with the development programs of Malta as well as with the global economic trends.

We trust that the Maltese communities can completely benefit from the adoption and usage of newer technologies. Therefore, our present focus and company goal is providing solutions that help improve businesses while also improving the quality of life.

IoT Malta is the first organization in Malta offering devices and solutions for the internet of things. We are the pioneer in setting up a high-quality coverage providing low cost and low bandwidth connectivity via radio frequency to our customers. Driven by a simple approach, we offer ultra-low subscriptions, and our network is simple to integrate with technology.



Performing as a Sigfox Operator our enterprise has set a nationwide radio frequency network. This network is strong enough as it covers the whole terrain of Malta at numerous levels of penetration and the islands surrounding territorial waters. Our network also efficiently penetrates into the rural and urban areas along with offering outdoor, indoor and basement coverage.

Our partnership with Sigfox provides us with access to a wide range of facilities for the development of services, including contacting the main suppliers or consultants for sensor kits, modules, devices, Dev kits, platforms, and SoCs along with end to end solutions. Our IoT management platforms host numerous business applications including a wide range of solutions to manage data coming from connected services. We work with some of the best IoT providers to ensure our loyal customers only the best services and connectivity.