IoT Malta provides low cost and low bandwidth connectivity via radio frequency to customers wanting to connect object/devices to a network.

This service targets the internet of things (IoT) which will transform our lives over the next 25 years.

Driven by simplicity, IoT Malta will unlock the power of the IoT and give life to the physical world.

Ultra-low subscriptions, simple to integrate technology and a free-to-use protocol are some of the great advantages of our network and service.

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IOT Malta Ltd solutions portfolio covers consistent, simple, profitable, energy-efficient, connectivity that connect messages to the cloud, for smart buildings, smart cities, asset tracking, transfer, parking monitoring and management, waste management, energy and water management and numerous other uses.

Solutions are made up of connected devices along with access to cloud app and a subscription. Our solutions take care of the particularities of every user, and also include the advantages of automation in order to maximally facilitate the usage of human, assets and budgetary resources.

Our projects include the smart solutions for parking monitoring, waste management, water and electricity conservation. We are aware of the numerous benefits that IoT technologies can offer the cities of the future and we wish to positively change the way we allocate resources and impact the environment.  These devices are amongst the solutions devices that we propose along with our IoT Malta subscription.



Smart City refers to an urban development which integrates the internet of things along with information technology to manage the city assets. Building a smart city aims at improving the quality of life and allowing city officials to interact directly with the town infrastructure and monitor the activities of the city. We here at IoT Malta are future oriented and provide the technological ecosystem required to successfully set up a smart city, smart home, or even smart business. We are solution oriented and are working to become the leader in connecting billions of objects for a successful and efficient network which benefits the city, businesses or even individuals.


IOT Malta has deployed a nationwide radio frequency network that covers the whole terrain of Malta at numerous levels of penetration and the islands surrounding territorial waters. This network benefits from the efficiency of the Sigfox technology as it penetrates into the rural and urban areas along with offering outdoor, indoor and basement coverage. The topology of the network insures full redundancy through the multiple high range base stations deployed, efficient bandwidth allocation and noise and interference filtering, as well as high levels of security through the rigorous encryption protocols of data transmission.



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